Sour Diesel Blue River Rosin




Sour Diesel Blue River Rosin

Sour Diesel Blue River Rosin coming in at 89%. Cross of Chemdog 91 x Super Skunk we all know how great this strain is. Looks like this batch got left out somewhere along the lines but still amazing effects that really get you going and a great way to start the day. The taste is as gassy as it gets. I really enjoy the flavor, smell, and effects of this line.

About Sour Diesel Blue River

Blue River are a part of our signature series of AVD branded. vape products that offer consumers a safe, convenient. And controlled way to vaporize strain specific solvent-less hash oil. Our advanced mechanical separation techniques are able to naturally preserve a higher concentration. Of  full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes without the use of water, chemical solvents, fillers, cuts, or flavor additives. Blue river sour diesel  AVD signature cartridges are specifically designed to handle Blue River  Sauces. Equipped with real glass casings, a custom bullet ceramic mouthpiece, and a custom “low temp” ceramic core vaporizer

Pros and cons of smoking


They will get you super duper high.
Cost effective—just like dabs, a little bit goes a long way.
Great for medical patients or other folks who want a high dose of THC.
They’re a fun novelty and good conversation-starter.


They will get you super duper high (not always a good thing for everyone).
They’re messy—most put them in glass; you can roll them in a joint or blunt, but don’t put them in a grinder.
Keep them in a cool, dry place; you don’t want them getting all melty on you.


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