Dutch Hawaiian Blue River Rosin




Dutch Hawaiian Blue River Rosin

Dutch Hawaiian Blue River Rosin  Coming in at a total of 96.8% this is a cross of Hawaiian and Dutch Treat. It has a great fruity sweet smell and taste that is quite pleasant especially for the earlier hours being a Sativa leaning strain. Can’t say enough good things about the effects and flavors of the blue river rosin. Quality 8/10 Overall 8/10.

Dutch Hawaiian Blue Rosin For Sale

The Dutch Hawaiian Blue River Rosin is available now for sale at all our plateforms, Consumer can now order from us with our withouth their medical card. This is because we now deliver Dutch Hawaiian Blue  Rosin  and other products discreetly. Order the sherbet strain today above  the minimum quantity and grab a discount or free shipping service.


Dutch Hawaiian Blue  Rosin is a smooth sativa. Created by crossing dutch treat and hawaiian stiva Beautiful stinky buds offer an earthy citrus smell that carries into the flavor of the smoke incredibly well. This balanced high may send you into a cerebral bliss before sending your body on a journey toward the clouds.


This is by far one of the tastiest strains out there, much better than blue dream, true blueberry, granddaddy purple, strawberry cough, and many OG strains. It is just so tasty its unbelievable citrusy doesn’t even start to describe the smell and the flavor the is so pungent and sticks all the way through even the ash is tasty, your hands will smell like most the AMAZING dank, you will constantly smell the bowl after you take a toke, you will crave the flavor and want to load more just for the taste. To top it all off, the high is very euphoric and energetic.. everything you could ever ask for in a strain..


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