Bloom Live Resin | Guava Cake


Bloom Live Resin Guava Cake

Bloom Live is California’s best tasting fresh flower vape. Every month our strains curators find various exotic strains from growers from Humboldt to San Francisco. Each cartridge contains high quality cannabinoid and more than 150 living resin terpenoids.

Bloom live resign guava cake is created by Seed Junky Genetics. Seed Junky Genetics is a company that is known for creating some of the best cannabis strains in the market.

Guava Cake is a cultivar by Seed Junky Genetics, created as a backcross of Wedding Cake’s Gold Leaf phenotype. The top reported aromas of the Guava Cake strain are earth, fruit, and tropical berries. It is said to taste of mangos, pineapple, and spices. Top reported strain effect